Easy Language Translaror

Description An easy language translator – Fast and easy. 100+ languages / Translate text / Translate voice / Listen to your translation / Use your voice / Add to favorites / Share and Send the[…]

Q Multi Language Translator

Description Do you need translation? In many languages and simultaneously? Try this translator! – translates words, text, sentences, phrases / choose many languages simultaneously / translates all languages at once / translate voice / hear[…]

Conversation Translator

Description A language translator for conversations with foreign people. An interpreter for dialogues with local people. Easy communicate with foreigners. / Ask questions in other languages. For travel , vacations or business trips. 100+ languages[…]

Currency Converter DX

Description This is a powerful currency converter – calculator. Convert any currency to another. Find easy the exchange rates of currencies. Convert multiple currencies simultaneously. The perfect tool for all travelers in every country. Features:[…]

The Game of Stocks

Description A super stock market trade simulator game ! At the beginning of the game you are given 22.000 US dollars so you can prove to everybody how awesome you are… – Receives current stock[…]

Countdown Chronometer +Widget

Description Countdown, Chronometer, widget and alarm function… all in one… Simple and easy. features: – Runs multiple timers simultaneously – Widget support! – Calculate the duration from a date from the past. – Shows the[…]


Welcome to Nyxcore app Store!   Easy Language Translator Version: V1.38 News: Added 2 new themes / Minor User interface corrections / Facebook Messenger support (in menu ‘…’) / Some limits increased / Android 7.1[…]