Countdown Chronometer +Widget


Countdown, Chronometer, widget and alarm function… all in one… Simple and easy.


– Runs multiple timers simultaneously
– Widget support!
– Calculate the duration from a date from the past.
– Shows the remaining time from a future event.
– Hundreds of timers
– 2000 years (up or down)
– Edit the timers anytime
– Chronometer shows years / months / days / hours / minutes / seconds
– Rename timer
– Add notes in timers
– Add / remove / reset … timer
– Easy and intuitive to use
– Pause timers
– Pause countdown
– Nice graphics
– Select icons and colors
– Countdown with alarm.
– Countdown until event, vacation, holidays, party, anniversary, birthday, wedding, wake-up, baby, sport event, retirement, football game, world cup, exams, army service, Christmas.
– Timer : kitchen timer, cooking, baking, egg timer, tea timer, coffee timer, parking timer, training timer, playtime, reading time, laundry timer, workout timer, meditation timer.
– No restrictions


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