Easy Language Translator

Fast and easy.
100+ languages
Translate text
Translate voice
Listen to your translation
Use your voice
Add to favourites
Share/Send the translation
Copy the translation
Speech to text
Text to speech
Save or Share translation as MP3
Display text as big sign

Conversation Translator

interpreter for dialogues
Easy communicate
Ask questions in other lang
For travel & vacations
For Business trips.
100+ languages
Translate words or phrases
Translate your voice
Hear the translation
Send Voice as MP3
Fast and easy
Voice recognition
Nice graphics

Q Multi Language Translator

translates words, text, sentences
choose many languages simultaneously
translates all languages at once
translate voice
hear the translation
Share translation as Mp3
100+ languages
Copy the translation (clipboard)
Very easy and intuitive
Voice input & output
Speech Recognition
Text to speech
Nice graphics

Stock Market Simulator

REAL stock companies and
REAL price quotes
Easy to use , polished user interface
Import / export game-file
Daytrading is possible
NO login /passwords required
Nice graphics
Buying and selling stocks.
Finance news
Penny stocks supported
Tablet mode supported
Receives current stock prices

Speak it

Convert Text and speech
Change speed and frequency of voice
Record sounds/voice from microphone
Funny Audio-filter
Send sound files to other apps
Translate Text in other languages
Play your favorites with widget
No annoying notifications
Offline Mode for most functions
Lots of languages
Many of voices to select
Play / Pause / Stop
and more ...

Currency Converter DX

Very fast and easy to use
Nice graphics and charts
Calculate fees of banks
160 currencies
Conversion table
Exchange rates
Useful for vacations and travels
Useful for shops
Integrated calculator
4 precious metals
8 digital currencies